Thursday, December 22, 2005

Disclaimer: What is written below not based in facts, only that which I believe and my thoughts. I am not writing this to offend anyone and you can disagree with me or debate me in my comments as much as you would like.

Full Circle

There are two theories that guide this post:

1. God has granted us almost unlimited freedom.
2. For everything we can create; we can destroy.

The first theory is quite obviously self explanatory. I feel that God is not a blind parent but the parent that sees all and hears all but will stop us from enjoying the freedom that he has given us. I can run naked through the streets of Pittsburgh and God will not strike me down for public indecency. He may not like the sight and many of you would probably not enjoy that sight but the fact remains that I could do it with the freedom that is mine. He is not my conscience and is not going to single-handedly prevent me from doing something wrong just as he will not show me what is right. Both of which, unfortunately, limits my freedom. If I asked God to let me win the lottery and he grants me this, am I truly free? The second theory is a bit less explanatory. For everything to be created there is and will be a destruction of it. I believe that if I can build it I can destroy it. If I can destroy it, most likely I can build it back again. Ash to ash and dust to dust.

So what does this bring me to? This brings me to the combination of these theories. God has given us the ability to create and destroy almost anything within our realm of existence. Let me illustrate this belief. God has given us the means and the ability to create beautiful works of art, elaborate and lengthy works of language that expand our literary and intellectual boundaries, to create moving pieces of music. But this also means that just as easily or even easier we can ultimately destroy these masterpieces. Most rap music in my opinion destroys the English language with the help of an uncreative bass beat. As much as I may enjoy:

"Mothaf#ck@ what it is,
Eye'in me b$tch hoe @ss n$gger,
You just stepped up in some sh$t and You ready to duck quick,
Run mothaf#ck@ stay away from real Sh$t, B$tch n$gga might not like it"

I have trouble not feeling like such lyrics are an assault on the concepts of language. You know a clear and organized means of communication. I mean I’m not saying we all have to speak in perfect English. But lyrics should not systematically degrade people, cultures, or women; and certainly should be a result of some thought. To reiterate, I can throw paint against a canvas, scream obscenities to a beat, and easily bang a cowbell while kicking a bass drum but what am I accomplishing. I am not creating anything that’s new, inspired, or original; it’s just annoying. But along those same lines God has granted us the ability to create community; to create establishment; to create nuclear energy. Unfortunately with these wonderful gifts, we have the ability, the freedom, to destroy them just as well. To systematically cheat and steal; ultimately fucking each other over until we all do what we want for ourselves. We have the freedom to tear down establishment, by undermining trust, confidence, and effectively destroy all collaboration between people. We have the freedom to use a clean but volatile energy source as a city sized destroyer. Incinerating people, families, and everything in a ball of fire that leaves radiation as a semi-permanent reminder to those that survive. We have the power to destroy and create life. I am sure that science will allow us to artificially create life, clone, and alter DNA. Just as we have the power to dismember, drown, torture, blow up, burn, shoot, slice, and the million and one ways we have found to purge the life from each other’s bodies. My point to all this philosophical rhetoric is mainly to throw my ideas out there and out of my head. But it’s also a request to whoever reads this to think a little more about what you do, about what you don’t do, and why. We have the power to do almost anything in our lives. But should we? Should we clone, alter our DNA, and manufacture life? Do you want to destroy cities with a single button, kill each other, steal from each other, exploit one another, and hurt one another? Does it make sense to you to fuck each other over in this world for selfish pleasures? Think about it. Because the more I think; the less I like the way things are going on in the world.


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your thoughts are pretty dark man, perhaps you should seek counseling!

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