Sunday, November 13, 2005

Didn’t you know, Its Christmas already!!!!!

Is it me or does Santa's fat ass start sitting in a chair at Ross Park Mall a little early each year? Do the Christmas specials seem to take place earlier each year, or is it just me? I mean yesterday I saw "Dr. Seuss's How the Grinch stole Christmas" on television. And don’t get me wrong it’s my favorite of all Christmas specials, but...IT’S NOVEMBER FUCKING 12th!! Does no one have any patience? Are we all little kids that shriek and yell at the first signs of Christmas? Can we all not wait until 20 days before Christmas before we play "Jingle Bells"? I am very distraught by the fact that every year it happens, earlier and earlier, like a plague it sweeps the stores, than the air waves. Before you know it your so sick of looking at Christmas stuff you start listening to other music, start tearing down the decorations, and get disgusted and open your presents which have been sitting there since Thanksgiving. I recently had the pleasure of being told by a polite sign that I only had 50 something shopping days till Christmas. I did some quick calculations, today, and here are my results:
1. 42 days until Christmas
2. 11 days until Thanksgiving
3. 25 days until Finals
4. The Steelers have 8 games left, 7 of which are before Christmas, one is today, the next is 7 days away, 15 days away, 21 days away, 28 days away, 35 days away, and 41 days away
5. 105 days until my Girlfriends Birthday
6. 289 days until my 21st Birthday
7. 407 days until next Christmas
8. 180849 days until the end of the world
9. And 99999999999999 days until I start caring how many shopping days left till Christmas.

I can’t stand the flagrant stupidity of people when Christmas is even 3 months away. My aunt and her boyfriend, both of whom I love dearly, are the most annoying people when it comes to this. At the beginning of October, Halloween decorations are placed in every facet of there house. On, November 1st at 1201AM, Christmas decorations begin to be placed in there house. Yes, that rights the fiber optic 18 inch trees on every table, the Santa Clause napkins, the Christmas lights, and the tree. All these decorations are firmly placed, positioned, and scruntized till perfection, so that they may be perfect for Thanksgiving. Yes that’s right, they are done decorating by Thanksgiving, right down to the talking, dancing, life-size, Santa Clause that has a microphone for singing karaoke. (Yes, I know the moment this post is placed, that rumors will spread of one of these in my house, and they are true. It was a gift from them to my family… We no longer shop very hard for their gift). My aunt's Christmas shopping for the holidays will probably be finished at the end of this weekend. I can not stand it; it’s disgusting and really takes away from Christmas for me. I enjoy the shopping for family, even though I have no idea what to get, but it’s the searching for them that makes me day. The rushing around, the spirit to which we all feel when we walk around the mall for 3 hours find nothing but know a bunch of things to get ourselves. I love Christmas for the turkey dinners, the evenings with family, the overall relaxing feeling that surrounds us all. I wish there was more relaxing and enjoying than the endless consumerism that surrounds a truly wonderful holiday. Make your holiday less about the money. Make it more about family and the joy that we all get from each other.


Blogger Mark said...

That's very true, and i'm sick of the stuff already. But you have to look at it on the business side. The earlier people do their Christmas shopping, the better it is for the businesses. Plus, they'll probably spend more in general. It lifts stores out of their sluggish quarter reports. Plus, if people get their shopping done earlier, it'll leave less aggravation for some people that like to wait till the week before to get their shopping done...

7:22 PM  
Blogger Bill said...

Businesses can cry me a river for their sluggish sales. They should be happy the Christmas season exists to feed there fledging bank statements.

10:11 PM  

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