Tuesday, September 06, 2005

"Two things are infinite: the universe and human stupidity; and I'm not sure about the universe." That was a quote from Albert Einstein. Perhaps in response seeing the Hollywood and flagrant stupidity or maybe just at people in general. Either way, I'm sure he would very upset with them now. Captain Obvious explains it very nice in this article:

"I think people need a really strong reason to go to the movies and to pay the 10 bucks per person and to go out of the house and take that leap of faith"

Well I could have told you that. As a consumer I will not pay 9 bucks for a movie ticket, 3.50 for a bag of popcorn, over salted no less, 3.50 for a box of crunch-a-munch and 4.00 for a soda. 20.00!!!!! I could buy the movie in about 3 months for that much. Or better yet rent it for 3.99 or better yet ask my friends how bad it sucked and not bother watching it period. I mean can someone please come up with something original. Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, Bad News Bears, War of the Worlds, The Longest Yard, and House of Wax are all remakes that came out this summer. And there are a million that have just recycled ideas: Batman Begins (there are four other batman movies), The Cave(come on, how many movies are there with a dangerous creature in an enclosed space in which the heroes must survive), Transporter 2(need I say more), Stealth(man creates machine, machine kills man, how many times has this been done), Madagascar(fish out of water comedy, I can think of 2 instantly), Star Wars(5 others), Sky High(The Incredibles, only high school style), The Island(the dangers of advancement in technology), The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants(OK, NO), Herbie: Fully Loaded(definitely been done before), Deuce Bigelow(sequel), Cinderella Man(Million Dollar Baby, but true), Dukes of Hazzard(TV show), and Fantastic Four(stop with the damn comic book superheroes). Need I say anymore about why no one in there right mind would go see a movie.

TV has only been a problem too. This weekend I watched football. That’s it. Nothing else was interesting. I mean maybe if they could come up with another reality TV show. I don't think they have hit the bottle of the barrel yet. I have some ideas. Stick with me. We'll have men compete to be a sperm donor for a single woman who wants a kid. o wait thats already been done. How about one where five prostitutes start a cafe. Wait no, beat me on that one too(bottom). I got another, a show where criminals have the option of being executed or run an obstacle course with people trying to kill them along the way. If they survive they are set free, else death makes high quality television. O wait, That’s a damn movie. But I'm sure some reality TV producer is going to try it. Its sick the ideas that could be coming out, but it’s even sicker to think of what we (the viewers) have had to put up with. Anyone seen "Girls Next Door", "My Super Sweet 16", "Average Joe", "Fear Factor" or "Growing up Gotti", yeah I want to die too. I shouldn't have to be subjected to this and I shouldn't be left with college football as the alternative. I mean I could careless about USC vs. Hawaii, especially when USC is up 46 points in the fourth quarter. And no, I am not exaggerating. Anyway, I just really hope there are more episodes of Family Guy in the next 25 years cause the future isn't looking good.

UPDATE(9/8) : My greatest apologizes for publishing an unfinished work but I recently found two more articles that really just turn my stomach. In this one, it seems the writers of reality want more money for their efforts. Apparently reality isn't truly reality until they "sifting through hundreds of hours of footage to craft story lines." Not to be a downer or anything but if one must craft a story line is it really reality and on the same topic if you must edit reality to make it more interesting, obviously its a dumb non-interesting idea in the first place. Joe Millionaire is DUMB and STUPID. I wouldn't accept money to have someone write a show like that. And the other a look into more dumb shows that will premiere this fall. In this article, we get a look at a show that will wittles down potential comedies such as "The Sperm Donor", where a mother goes on a courages search for her daughters biological father(Sounds really funny, more like watching an episode of Maury) and "Stephen's Life", where a manipulative son convinces his mom to enroll in big schemes (the title of this should be, How Hard Would You Hit Your Child if He acted like this). Anyway I thought these deserved to be placed into how dumb television is.


Blogger Mark said...

Family Guy better be good for the next 25 years... and they better bring back Futurama too...

8:47 PM  
Blogger Daphnewood said...

the quote of the day:

The Cave(come on, how many movies are there with a dangerous creature in an enclosed space in which the heroes must survive)

yes, write whenever you have something interesting to say because I will be back to read. You are quite sarcastic for your young age. I love it!

2:12 PM  
Blogger Mark said...

yeah yeah... i'll link to you soon... I'm thinking about other changes to the blog too... i'll prob do it tomorrow when i'm on duty, because i'll have nothing else to do.

6:18 PM  

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