Saturday, September 03, 2005

Many of you will be very surprised to see a blog from me. While I have been stating an extreme dislike of blogs from the very beginning. Well, I have my reasons and, yes, I will explain them. But first my dislikes of blogs:

1. My life and just about everyone else’s, does not require a webpage for me to explain what I have been doing. If people did want to know what I have been doing, guess what they would do? Ask me. The information age has been very kind to all of us. Cell Phones and chat systems for everyone!!!! Well use them. Enjoy it. And be glad when the response that follows "sup" is "nm". By the way, just a few moments to explain my picture. I hate you msn messenger. You are on every computer in the world and you are the hardest program to get rid of. I will never stop in my hunt to delete you from every computer I touch.
2. If you’re reading this far, congratulations you've made it further than I have in anyone else's blog. No offense to any of you that have them. But my writing is far below that of the Pittsburgh Post Gazette, the NY Times, or even CNN.COM. And frankly I haven't found anything interesting in those to read so why in the world would I read about people's lives when I could just call them or IM then.
3. The last reason I despise blogs is that they are so unoriginal. The first blog, I can think of, was written by Maddox. Yes, you know the infamous Maddox, who writes very graphic articles on his website that range from a pro-abortion, and no I don't mean pro-life, to anti-vegetarian. His articles are very funny, offensive, and original. It’s funny and original for him to have a blog based on making fun of people and lashing out at the social quirks of society. It is not funny however, to have every TOM, DICK, and HARRY writing their everyday misadventures. "Today I went to the mall and found a cute red shirt. But I didn't buy it because I know a friend of mine has one similar." Great and I'll never have those thirty seconds of my life back.

So there you have it; my reasons for hating blogs, or at least, why I don’t like them. Then why did I write this blog? Good question. Here are those reasons.

1. For one thing, I have a place to write some of my bizarre theories and/or opinions and maybe have a few people read them. It gives me something to talk about and something maybe to research for. I am refusing to let this divulge into "what I did today" or "what I did this weekend rocked". I will write something interesting or I won't write. Plain, simple, economic.
2. It gives me a place to rant and rave to thing that really upset me. For, instance, I have already voiced my displeasure in the so called info age. Well F*** every one of you with a cell phone that drive in front of me. Pay attention, respect the right of way, and please turn off the phone. Call them when you get where you’re going, call them from along side the road. And if none of those apply at least drive normally. I admit, I have talked on the phone while driving. But I have never let it affect my driving. I have never, for instance, driven 20 mph below the speed limit or kept my turn signal on for three minutes. PAY ATTENTION and stop increasing my insurance rates.

So anyway, I think I've gotten what I've wanted out of the post. Enjoy it. Cause I don't know when the next shall be.


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