Friday, September 23, 2005

It has been said that "bureaucracy is the price of freedom." Sometimes I agree and sometimes I complain that if it wasn’t for all the bullshit we might actually be able to get something done. Another phrase and this one I may or may not have made up, "It easy to complain but it’s much harder to make a solution." In essence, shut up or do something about it. So I have. I have created a few ways I would improve government. Don’t everyone thank me at once. But yeah, in all honesty these are things I truly believe need to be thought about in the hopes of saving sanity and well all semblance of democracy.

I tend not to associate myself with any group because I don’t want people to judge me before they know me. I hate broad accusations about anyone or any group or any race. Just because some stereotypes happen to have some factional basis doesn’t mean they are gospel. I hate democrats and republicans, green peace and libertarians (although not too much), communists and socialists, anarchists and militarists. GO AWAY. The greatest president we ever had did not associate himself with a political party because he felt it would harm the nation. He is the same president who denied to become a king of our pitiful nation at the time. George Washington will forever be my idol because he was unselfish and didn’t give a damn what people thought of him. Yeah, he sucked in commanding while in Pittsburgh but it didn't stop him from being a hero for our nation. Political Parties are not within the constitution and have, in my opinion, castrated much of the separation of powers. The president creates legislation and his party in congress agrees without as much as a brief debate. That is utter Bullshit. Separation of Powers is exactly that. Separate. If everyone was looking out for the people they were elected to look out for, this crap wouldn’t happen. Yes that’s right. Senators and Congress-people help the state you were elected to represent. Do something other than sit next to each other saying Yeah and No. To whatever the other side of the isle says. And for you people who are appalled at the idea of no political party to root for, well tough luck. Pick a politician who has firm ideals and ideas for the future and back him. Actually observe the debates and not say, "Oh, he’s just not a good debater" I still like him. Figure out why and figure out who people are without having to hit the button that allows you to vote for all democrats/republicans because you didn’t bother to look over their credentials.

"Bill, if we have no political parties and no campaigns how are we to know who we are voting for???!!!?" O dear, did you get stricken deaf, dumb, and blind? O my, did god send bugs to eat away at your hands so that you can’t look up the election online or turn on PBS? There is no reason people need a so-called warchest to run for public office. That money could be better spent anywhere. We have public television where we can observe debates. We have the internet where candidates could write a paper title "ABOUT ME" or even have them answer online questions that people want to know. Is that so much to ask? I don’t need those fucking fliers all over the street. I don’t need those damn billboards telling me like I'm an infant child: "VOTE FOR JOE, HES NO POLITICAL HOE." Stop with the swift-boat veterans, stop with the extraneous information. "O, John Q. smoked a pack of cigarettes when he was 17. I can’t vote for him because I must follow my strict non-smoking platform" Yeah, well superficial is as a superficial does.

Does anyone see a problem, with the executive branch making rules that they enforce? Anyone think that maybe we should leave rule-making to those elected by us? You know because we will be subjected to the rules. There are so many little piss-ant regulatory agencies that are under the control of the executive branch that we have essential placed the rule on the executive branch. The president seems to have the final word in many of the discussions that take place over: environmental issues, science-funding, and social issues. Can my elected officials please stop playing patty-cake with the political party buddies and cease some control over what’s happening. Can we stop giving money away and start using a fiscal policy that will help get rid of poverty, help increase the middle class, and stop making the rich, richer. Every time I get a pay-check, every time, I appreciate the fact that I have the opportunity to pay taxes. We all do it and why should I be upset about it. If it helps keep me safe or helps someone I don’t care. I would give up 40% to 50% of my check for the luxury of helping inter-city poverty or improve schools. Work is work and life is life. But not to stray from my original point, "party politics" or "votes along party lines" must stop. Law making should be done by elected officials and not regulatory bodies. Don’t get me wrong, regulatory agencies are needed, but they should be under the command of senators or committees, not the president or the president’s staff, or the secretary of whatever.

Maybe I’m old fashioned but five 24h news channels along with four evening and night news channels is eight too many. I mean I enjoy watching the same story many many times but this sensationalism is ridiculous. Everything is the worst ever, or the best ever, or the most wild, or the most tragic. Stop it. Report the news, report all the news and stop picking and choosing what you think I want to watch. I want to hear about Katrina but has anyone noticed nothing is being said about Iraq. I want to hear about Roberts, but because he really can’t comment on anything he may preside over, so people are making huge assumptions. The judicial branch does not make law, see above. They apply the law to controversies. Roberts was asked, can the judicial branch do anything about the disaster in New Orleans. Want to know the answer? Guess.
A. We can allow lawsuits from citizens and anyone in the disaster against municipal and state govts.
B. We can not do anything; we are only here to interpret the law.
C. Instruct Congress on the appropriate statutes to enact to stop this from happening. Or.
D. What?

To conclude, die political parties, die yellow journalists with your big news corporations, and die political warchests and political campaigns. I don’t know when the next post will be but if you look at the dates of these you’ll find a pattern of cluelessness.


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